We have made a small change in the interface, in accessing archived emails. The archived folders section has been removed from the left pane and has been added as view inside each folder. You can view the archived emails in the folder, by clickingView All >> Archived. Besides the Archive options in the right click provides you more options for archiving or unarchiving of the emails.


Smarter Statistics

You can now get more details about your folders, at your finger clicks. Be it the number of unread emails in the folder or the number ofemails with attachments or the size of the folder, in comparison with your mailbox. All the details are there in the Folder Statistics.

And yes.. you need to enable three-pane view, to view the folder statistics in the left pane.


Easier attachments from Dropbox

Zoho Mail now provides a better integration with Dropbox. It not only allows you to add attachments to your email from Dropbox but also provides you the independence to save the received attachments directly to the Dropbox.

 Pin a note to your email

You would have always wanted to addsome more details to an email you just received or sent to someone, foryour future reference in context to the email. It may be a reminder foryourself or a reference to the scenario in which the email was sent or received, when you read the same email some time later or  in future.. That’s why we have added this new feature to add a note to the email. You can add a random note or a comment to the email, which you can referback by clicking on the email.

 Turn email into an action item

Quite often our emails are more like action items than just communications. Hence creating a task from an email is important and linking the email to the task and vice versa is even more relevant. You can add a task from an email at the click of a mouse. You can also schedule reminders to your tasks, apart from setting Due date to an email.

 Get connected from your email

You can now get closer to the people in your email, if your Organization has subscribed to Zoho People also. Get to know their contact details at the click of the mouse, withthis nice integration with Zoho People. If you are yet to trial Zoho People (10 users free!!), you have more reasons to try it now!

 Smarter Integration with Zoho CRM

You can directly add a sender as your CRM Contact/ Lead or add a CRM Task from the email. You can add CRM Tasks, Events, Notes and even Potential information directlyfrom an email. Moreover, the contacts and leads available in Zoho CRM will be available in the auto fill list and in the address book, when you compose an email.

 Control your Spam Options:

You can now turn on/ off the Spamfilter for incoming messages in Zoho Mail.The Spam filter is by defaultenabled and the spam messages are identified and moved to Spam folder. You can turn off the Spam processing at our end, in which case no spam control measures are applied at our end and all emails including possible spam emails will be delivered to your Inbox.

 POP Enhancement

When you access your email via POP clients, you can now choose to delete the emails in the server or retain a copy in the server, based on the option chosen in the POP section.

 IMAP Idle

Zoho Mail now supports IDLE support for IMAP clients. Hence when email clients indicate that they are ready to acceptmessages by issuing an IDLE command, the server responds to the commandby providing new messages. This command is supported based on the clients, which support the IDLE command.